VMware Cloud Now Available On Amazon Web Services

Less than one year since Amazon Web Services and VMware announced a partnership VMware Cloud has now been made available on AWS. This was announced during the VMworld conference which is being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The partnership between the two companies was revealed last year in October with the main motivation being easing cloud management and migration fears. The two firms are targeting businesses which run on-premise virtualization but want to exploit the advantages offered by the public cloud.

Over the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services VMware Cloud will deliver the SDDC platform which consists of VMware VSAN, vSphere as well as virtualization technologies of VMware NSX together with VMware VSAN. Customers will consequently be able to combine existing investments they have made in training, tools and virtualization with the scalability, regular updates and feature set of Amazon Web Services.

Workload portability

Other features that will be presented by VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services include bi-directional and fast workload portability. Businesses will also be able to choose where they want to run their applications based on the needs that they have. Meanwhile they will still maintain access to various AWS infrastructure and services. Additionally, businesses will have the ability to secure, manage and run applications in an IT environment that is hybrid in nature. They will do so without being required to modify operating models, rewrite applications or acquire custom hardware.

A similar deal has been struck between IBM Softlayer and VMware. For VMware the advantage is that its customers can now enjoy the freedom of not having to choose between cloud deployments or on-premise deployments or being locked in to one cloud platform. They can thus benefit from flexibility and scalability without having to sacrifice existing portability, skillsets, hardware or applications.

Seamless integration

“VMware Cloud on AWS gives customers a seamlessly integrated hybrid cloud that deliver the same architecture, capabilities, and operational experience across both their vSphere-based on-premises environment and AWS,” said the chief executive officer of VMware, Pat Gelsinger.

VMware Cloud on Amazon Web Services is a replacement of vCloud Air which VMware sold to OVH, a France-based firm, earlier in the year. According to the products vice president at VMware, Mark Lohmeyer, VMWare Cloud on Amazon Web Services will at first be available in the West region of the United States before being expanded to other AWS regions around the world next year. An hourly rate will be applicable.

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