Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) Outlines Its 2017 Expansion Plan For The Supercharger Network

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) is raring to go given that it has shared its current expectations for its 2017 buildup. The company updated its Supercharger network map, which comes just a few weeks to the closure of the year. This may be termed as a significant milestone since the company had fallen behind schedule on its 2016 expansion plans for its network of DC fast-charging stations.

However, the 2017 expectations are a little different from the previous ones. Mexico and southern Canada will receive a fair number of new Supercharger stations and even before the launch of Model 3. Meanwhile, Arkansas, North Dakota, west Texas, and West Virginia dead zones will also largely benefit from the planned buildout in the 2017 map.

But some stations are ready for opening

The expansion will be extended to cover the US and Canada with more emphasizes on the west and east coast. However, there are some stations in Calgary, eastern Nebraska, western Kentucky, and northern Colorado that are scheduled to open soon because they are ready. Las Vegas and one more station near the Olympic peninsula in Washington State are also likely to open anytime from now.

Tesla’s 2017 Supercharger map seems all set to rock and roll even though some places the likes of Alaska seems not to have been included in the plans for Supercharger stations. The company is set to effectively meet the needs of over 500,000 users. Nonetheless, this remains to be seen given that it has not been able to meet the 2016 Supercharger buildout plans.

Warning to those who have turned Supercharging stations into parking sites

Tesla has over 4,800 Superchargers in it’s over 769 locations around the world. Apparently, some Tesla owners are tending to use the stalls at Supercharger stations as parking spots. But they are not lucky because this will not come at a fee of $0.4 per minute for idle parking.  However, those who are able to move their vehicle within five minutes will not face the penalty.

Amidst the warning, Tesla said, “To be clear, this change is purely about increasing customer happiness and we hope to never make any money from it.”

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