Nicole Coleman – Contributor

Nicole is a Finance Analyst specializing in personal finances and corporate budgeting. Her works has been published in a couple of globally available finance journals, business as well as wellness websites.

Philip Jones – Contributor.

Philip owns a construction and project management company based in the U.S. he has A Ph.D. in Philosophy of Construction Management from University of Leading. He has his writing featuring in top financial blogs among them Forbes, Business Wire, PR News, Yahoo! Finance, Intuit Small Business Blog as well as Business Insider.

Sunny Lawson – Contributor

Sunny is a renowned professional writer with more than ten years’ experience. Her writing has feature in almost all known Finance and Business journals and blogs. She has impacted many and mentored several in the writing field. Most of her writing lean towards personal finance management but she also includes the corporate environment as well.

She grew up in the U. K. under the mentorship of her mother who was a professional all genre writer and a father who was a real estate investments specialist.

Clifford Mercandetti – Contributor

Clifford is a publisher and editor to a weekly finance journal; The Finance Revolution. He co-owns the journal together with his wife Joannes Brown Mercandetti. The Finance Revolution comprises of finance news as well as health information. Prior to starting The Finance Revolution, Clifford was formerly at Business Daily Companion.

Mercy Johnson – Contributor

Mercy has served in a financial fraud investigations for an international construction company in the past eight years. Before that she was involved in a Foreign Exchange company and in a major credit company.

She has experience with foreign exchange transactions and has worked in a stock brokerage firm for about 7 years. She runs her own finance blog that mainly concentrates on the stock market news.

Michelle Parker – Contributor

Michelle considers herself an all-round writer, something she probably inherited from her mother who was a prolific writer in everything you could think of. Her favorite genres mainly include Finance, health, sport and technology. She also contributes in stories about celebrities and news.