Red Hat And Microsoft Extend Partnership

Red Hat, an open-source software company based in Raleigh, has announced the expansion of its current partnership with Microsoft. This comes in the wake of Jim Whitehurst, the chief executive officer of Red Hat, saying in a conference call with investors and analysts that the revenues being generated from the partnership with Microsoft were growing at a fast rate.

With the expansion of the partnership enterprise customers will now be able to enjoy more flexibility, according to a statement that was issued jointly. The partnership offers native support for containers of Windows Serve on Red Hat’s Open Shift. On Microsoft Azure support for Red hat’s OpenShift Dedicated is offered while on SQL Server support is offered for both Open Shift and Red hat’s Enterprise Linux.

Hybrid cloud technology

Initially the two software firms focused their partnership on the hybrid cloud technology. This was in an effort to ensure closer collaboration with regards to delivering products.

“Now we’re talking more aggressively around containers and the initiatives we’re talking about today will make it easier for customers to build and deploy containers, especially as they’re leveraging both Microsoft cloud and Red Hat platforms together,” said Ferris.

The extension of the partnership is driven by customers who have been asking for a collaboration of this kind. Business Organizations are already benefiting from the move towards using containerized applications with regards to mission-critical workloads. However, majority of IT organizations are not standardized on a particular infrastructure stack.

Multi-system users

Rather most of them use both Linux and Windows platforms while silo-ing their applications. This makes it difficult for firms when it comes to modernizing and scaling operations. With the expanded partnership these challenges will be simplified. Like was the case in the previous deal, technology support teams drawn from the two software companies will get co-located in Washington.

In the first quarter report for the current fiscal year Red Hat recorded revenues totaling $677 million. According to Whitehurst this was the best quarterly performance with regards to growth in four years. Currently Red Hat employs 10,500 workers.

Automatic upgrades halted

The extension of the partnership between Microsoft and Red Hat comes in the wake of Microsoft promising to avoid downloading install files belonging to new operating systems on the hard disk of a user without the consent of the user. This came after legal action had been taken against the software maker in Germany by a consumer watchdog.

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