Oracle Unveils New Autonomous Database At A Discounted Price

Larry Ellison, the chairman of Oracle Corporation, has announced that the cost of the enterprise software maker’s latest autonomous database technology is going to be half of what it costs when using Amazon’s Redshift. During Oracle OpenWorld, the chairman of the enterprise software giant said that the new automated database known as Oracle 18c will guarantee 100% availability and reliability and in a year will experience downtime of under half an hour.

While the Redshift database developed by Amazon provides close to perfect reliability, in Ellison’s view 18c has an advantage. This is because Redshift has not taken into account downtime that naturally occurs as a result of software bugs, regional outages, upgrades and patching, planned maintenance or when adding storage or computing capacity.

Machine learning

According to Ellison what is differentiating 18c from Redshift is machine learning with Oracle’s new database technology being more advanced in this aspect as it can detect threats automatically and even patch itself. Ellison pointed out that this was what was reducing the downtime that 18c suffers from drastically compared to products from rivals.

“We do everything we possibly can to avoid human intervention. It’s our computers versus their computers in cyberwarfare,” said Ellison.

At the same event Ellison announced that when the 18c database is unveiled later in the year, it will cost less than what it would cost to use the services of a rival. Ellison promised that those who would shift their business from Amazon to Oracle’s new autonomous database would incur a bill that would be reduced by 50% or more.

‘Wild claims’

Amazon however rubbished Ellison’s claims especially concerning the reliability of the Redshift database and claimed that the chairman of Oracle presented no facts and was just engaging in bluster and wild claims.

During the 2016 Oracle OpenWorld conference, Ellison claimed that the lead that Amazon had in the cloud computing sector was coming to an end. That hasn’t come to pass and on the contrary Amazon expanded its global lead in the IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) business where its share of the market rose to 44.2% last year compared to 39.8% the previous year. According to the report prepared by Gartner, a market research firm, Amazon’s closest rival in the IaaS business was Microsoft which had a market share of 7.1% in 2016 having grown its share from the previous year by 1.3%. Oracle’s market share in this segment stood at 0.3% last year.

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