Twitter Received Threat from Bomb Suspect, Nothing Was Done

On October 11, two weeks prior to 14 explosive devices Cesar Sayoc made and attempted to send to different people, he sent a threatening tweet to Rochelle Ritchie. When Ritchie, a Democratic strategist, called out the tweet as abusive and reported it, Twitter responded by saying it did not believe the tweet met the requirements to be abusive or rude.

Although Twitter has stated it is striving to remove insulting and offensive tweets from its microblogging site, Twitter users claim otherwise.

Reporting offensive tweets is not unusual, but Twitter users are often let down when Twitter´s response does not back them up. Cesar Sayoc´s case was no exception, since Twitter did nothing about his comment.

Twitter then sent an email to Rochelle Ritchie saying that intolerable behavior is unacceptable, but even after that email, Sayoc´s tweet still appeared live on Twitter. Ritchie claimed that although she stepped up and said something about the abusive comment, Twitter ignored it and has continued to do nothing about it.

Later Ritchie´s case went viral on Twitter and on the news. Twitter became aware of it and sent her another email saying that the user that had been accused had been investigated and removed from the microblogging site since he had been tweeting inappropriately for a period of time.

Weeks before Ritchie´s case, Sayoc had responded insultingly to President Trump´s tweet by uploading a video of himself in a rally. Sayoc also made abusive tweets toward the Vice President and a former lawyer, as he tweeted threats and comments to their families.

Sayoc was arrested on the Friday afternoon Ritchie received the email from Tweeter, and that same day his account was deleted. Although Tweeter acted to silence Sayoc’s tweet, many question the company about why it had taken so long to act upon the abusive threats.

Others questioned why Sayoc´s comments against officials remained online and about whether they controlled the President´s tweets and responses.

Adding to the many problems Sayoc has already caused Twitter, a Facebook representative has said that Sayoc also had been removed from that social media site, since his uploads and posts had been offensive and a violation of the ethics and rules of Facebook.

Facebook insists there is no room for abusive or insulting comments on their site, which is why they removed Sayoc´s account.

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