Toyota To Use Nvidia AI Technology On Its Autonomous Cars

Nvidia Corp has revealed that it has entered into a partnership with Toyota and this will see the Japanese automaker use the artificial intelligence technology that Nvidia has developed in its autonomous car systems in the next couple of years. The partnership between Toyota and Nvidia is just the latest among many others that have been forged between suppliers, vehicle manufacturers and technology firms in the recent past.

During a conference that was being held in San Jose, California, Nvidia’s founder and chief executive officer Jensen Huang revealed that Toyota will deploy the Drive PX AI platform belonging to Nvidia on the autonomous cars that will be introduced in the market in the near future.

“We’re combining breakthroughs in AI and high performance computing to build NVIDIA DRIVE PX, the brain of the autonomous car. Today’s announcement with Toyota is the strongest indication that this autonomous future will soon become a reality,” said Huang.

Drive PX platform

The work of the Drive PX platform is fuse data that is coming from the hardware of the car including from the radar and cameras and then make use of artificial intelligence to assist the vehicle in understanding and reacting to the environment it is continuously being presented with.

Though it achieved success in the gaming sector making graphic processing chips, Nvidia has since then diversified and has now become a central player in the development of artificial intelligence systems for self-driving cars. It is now a popular technology partner in the automotive industry and already enjoys partnerships with iconic German vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes and Audi. Tesla has also been using the Drive PX platform on its cars since last year.

Exciting future

In the case of Audi, the German car maker will deploy the Drive PX platform in driverless cars that it is planning to unveil in 2020. The partnership with Mercedes will see a vehicle that uses the same platform introduced in the market in the next one year, according to information Nvidia and the German carmaker put out in January this year.

Other chip manufacturers who are also venturing into the autonomous car space include Intel and Qualcomm. In the recent past Intel has acquired an Israeli firm that builds software, chips and self-driving sensors, Mobileye. Not long ago Qualcomm acquired NXP Semiconductors with an eye on the fast-growing sector. While many vehicles currently possess self-driving features, there are none that are fully autonomous but this will significantly change in the next couple of years according to industry executives.

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