‘Snackbots’ – Robots Delivering Snacks, Drinks On One College Campus

At the University of the Pacific in Stockton, California, PepsiCo and Robby Technologies have partnered to provide a snack and drink delivery service on wheels of robots or ‘snackbots’.  Just imagine the offshoot to R2D2 tooling around campus to bring you a healthy snack and drink!

PepsiCo is second in the world as a beverage and food business and number one in the US and its headquarter’s based in Harrison, New York.

Robby Technologies is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and the creator and manufacturer of Robby 2, the self-driving robot that delivers food, groceries and packages to customer’s doorsteps in the Bay Area.   

PepsiCo’s Hello Goodness brand will be providing healthy snacks and drinks like Pure Leaf Tea and LIFEWTR and Lay’s Baked Potato Chips and Sun Chips.

The Snackbot Service will be provided from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and go to 50 different locations across the University of the Pacific campus where students can have their drinks and snacks brought to them at those specific locations.

And starting today, there will be three to five snackbots operating on campus as a test site, according to PepsiCo’s Scott Finlow, vice president of innovation and insights for global foodservice.

“Snackbot is the next generation of us delivering convenient, healthier products,” said Finlow, who declined to give the specific amount of money PepsiCo invested into the snackbots. “It represents a really important intersection of consumer demands and needs and also the evolution of technology.” 

“We’re thrilled to welcome snackbot to our campus, along with its convenient and nourishing options,”Matt Camino, director of e-commerce at University of the Pacific, Stockton, said in a statement.

The campus snackbots, look just like Robby 2, have a human-friendly design; can operate day or night because they have powerful infrared cameras and headlights; deliver rain or shine because of its water and weather resistant design; can handle every hill or curb because it’s equipped with 6 wheels and all-wheel drive capability;  and can cover 20 miles on just one charge.

This is a great beginning for PepsiCo following an eventful 2018 with a change in leadership when CEO Indra Nooyi was succeeded by Ramon Laguarta in August. 

Then PepsiCo purchased Israel’s SodaStream for $3.2 billion to capitalize on the sparkling water market.  

This was followed in October when PepsiCo acquired Health Warrior, maker of plant-based nutritional bars as part of its goal to provide consumers with good-for-you products.

Perhaps students will soon have nutritional bars to select from the Snackbot Service menu at the University of the Pacific!

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