Norwegian stocks to watch in 2018

Norway continues to be among the richest countries in the world thanks to its extensive and well utilized oil reserves. Some years back, the government of Norway established an investment fund worth $1 trillion. The fund operates in the open market and in 2017 more than $21 billion was shaved off due to the bearish stock markets throughout the world. 

Norway presents investors with some of the best investment opportunities not only because they will get solid returns but also because many of the companies here are stable. Let us look at some of the stocks to watch in 2018. The list has been prepared by the Norwegian portal and we are happy to translate their article into English. 

Aker Solutions

Aker Solutions is a Norwegian Oil Services Company headquartered in Oslo. The company offers oilfield products, systems and services worldwide for clients who are in the gas and oil industry. Aker Solutions was controlled by Aker ASA until 2007. Currently, the Norwegian government owns 30% of Aker Solutions.

In 2012, Aker Solutions had revenue of more than NOK 44.9 billion and it has employed close to 30,000 people. In April 2018, Louis Araujo, CEO of Aker, announced that the company had made a profit of NOK 103 million ($12.9 million) in Q1 of 2018. In Q1 2017, the company had reported a profit of NOK 63 million. Revenue for Q1 2018 was NOK 5.48 billion. The growth of the revenue and profits can be attributed partly to a sharp rise in orders from customers from around the world. 

Norsk Tipping

Norsk Tipping is a state-owned gambling operator. It enjoys a monopoly in the gambling industry in the country. The government even introduces regulations to stop or block any competition to Norsk Tipping. According to the Norwegian law, Norsk Tipping is under the Ministry of Culture. The profit made by the body is shared between sports and research projects in the country. The company also raises money for culture causes and any surplus generated is divided 50/50 between the Ministry of Culture and sports. 

Even though you cannot invest in the company, it is good to know just where the enormous amount of profit it makes from offering gambling services goes to. In 2016, the company’s operations generated a total of NOK 5 billion. The company put NOK 150 million in a reserve to consolidate the company’s equity. It is the largest promoter of sports for both school children and adults in Norway. 

Norwegian Air Shuttle 

Norwegian Air Shuttle is the third largest low-cost airline in Europe and the largest in the Scandinavian. It is ranked 6th in the world as the largest low-cost airliner in the world. The company has a fleet of more than 50 airplanes and it has more than 130 destinations. The company made a profit of NOK 1.113 billion in 2016 while its revenue was about NOK 26 billion. 

Norwegian Air Shuttle is a subsidiary of British Airways. The prospects of investors seem to be looking bright after the parent company announced in early April 2018 that it wants to sell it. Immediately after the announcement, the share price of the Norwegian Air Shuttle surged by more than 38%. It is a company to watch in 2018.


There is little doubt that Statoil is simply one of the largest companies in Europe and indeed the world. The oil and gas conglomerate announced a net profit of $4.6 billion in 2017. Even though the government owns 67% of the company, an investor stands to gain whenever the company announces such huge profits. 

In the last week of April, the company announced its Q1 2018 results. Indeed, as always, the company did not disappoint investors as it reported a 40% rise in profits for the quarter. Revenue for the quarter was in excess of $18 billion while the profit was $1.48 billion. 

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