Health Officials: Hundreds Become Sick After Eating at Ohio Chipotle

Ohio Health Department officials said they have fielded over 350 inquiries from individuals who possibly became ill from eating at a Chipotle restaurant. This raises new concerns of illness similar to the ones that plagued the chain of Burrito restaurants during 2015.

Health officials in Ohio’s Delaware County said they began an investigation into the potential outbreak that might be linked to a Chipotle location in the city of Powell.

Health officials in Delaware County said in a prepared statement this week that the number of people that have reported becoming ill at the Powell Chipotle had reached 368.

The statement released by the Health Department of Delaware Country reads that the people reporting they were sick said they ate at the Powell Sawmill Parkway Chipotle this past weekend.

The officials added that they were investigating possible food-borne illnesses that stem from the restaurant in Powell, which is a suburb of Columbus. However, they have not been able to pinpoint what the source of that problem is. Results from tests are pending, said health department officials.

On Monday, the restaurant was closed after officials launched their investigation, but reopened Tuesday late afternoon.

A spokesperson for Chipotle said the company’s protocols identified several illness reports at one of its restaurants in Powell, Ohio. The company acted very quickly by closing the one restaurant due to using an abundance of caution. She added that the company continued to work with local officials from the health department so the restaurant could be opened as soon as possible.

Officials with the local health department said that people who said they had eaten at the Powell locations complained of symptoms that ranged from diarrhea to nausea and vomiting after dining at Chipotle sometime between Thursday and Monday.

Chipotle’s restaurant chain was hit with a large outbreak of E. coli in 2015, which results in several customers becoming ill at location in 11 states.

That crisis prompted officials at the burrito maker to close more than 2,000 locations during February of 2016 to carry out training in food safety for employees.

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