Duncan Hines Issues Recall of Four Types of Cake Mix

Popular cake mix maker Duncan Hines has issued a recall on four types of cake mix on the heels of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finding salmonella in some samples of the company’s “Classic White” mix.

It is actually the parent company, Conga Brands, who is issuing the recall which also includes other Duncan Hines cake recipe varieties with a March 2019 expiration date. These cake recipes are:  “Classic Yellow,” “Classic Butter Golden,” and “Signature Confetti.”

Fortunately, only five people who have recently contracted salmonella are part of the CDC investigation.  While most of these people did report eating a Duncan Hines cake before getting sick, it is not clear if the cakes were the source.  If, however, the cakes were not cooked all the way—and they had been contaminated with salmonella—then it could explain their illness.   The only thing that can be confirmed is that the strain of salmonella found in the infected people matched the strain of salmonella found in the cake mixes.

As such, the United States Food and Drug Administration advises that anyone who may have purchased this mix should dispose of it immediately or return the product to the store where they bought it to receive a refund.  In addition, the FDA advises that anyone who may have purchased the cake mixes should clean any surfaces that may have touched it.

Or, you could just clean your food prep and service areas for good measure, too.

While any food-borne illness contamination-related recall is never a good thing, the good news is Salmonella is a mostly benign infection.  In adults, salmonella infection can result in diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramping.  In children, however, the symptoms are far more severe and, in some cases, can be quite dire.   Most people will recover without the need for treatment but, in some cases, hospitalization and antibiotic treatments are necessary.

The symptoms of salmonella infection tend to present within the first 12 hours but can take up to 72 hours after consuming the contaminated food.  And then once the symptoms present, they tend to last between four and seven days.



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