Apple Watch NikeLab To Be Launched In A Week’s Time

The collaboration between Nike and Apple has been expanded and a new limited edition smart watch is set to be released as part of that effort – Apple Watch NikeLab.

“Today, the long-standing partnership continues with NikeLab … through the launch of Apple Watch NikeLab … Apple Watch NikeLab is the ultimate style companion for those with a passion for running, whether emerging runners or marathon veterans,” Nike announced in a statement.

Spring running season

It is understood that the launch will be in one week’s time on April 27 just as Spring’s running season gets into high gear. This will be in NikeLab stores and on the Nike website. In Tokyo, Japan, the smart watch will be launched at a pop-up shop. The Apple Watch NikeLab will, however, not be sold on Apple’s online retail store or even other retail locations belonging to Apple.

In a previous collaboration between the two companies, the Nike edition of the Apple Watch Series 2, a Nike app, the Nike + Run came pre-installed. This deep integration with the app let users make use of the social features that allowed one to compete with friends. The app also allowed one to have an overview of their running data in an easily accessible manner. Additionally, the app had a running scheduler which issued reminders when it was time to hit the road. The wearable also possessed exclusive Siri commands as well as two watch faces that were running-oriented.

Nike branding

But other than those differences, there was a lot of commonality between the Apple Watch Series 2 and the Nike Edition of the same. This included water resistance at water depths of up to fifty meters. A GPS feature also allowed for run and swim-tracking with enhanced accuracy. Also, the display was ultra-bright and the processor pretty powerful. And besides the extra features in the Nike edition of the Apple Watch Series 2, both were sold at the same price.

Just like with the Nike edition of the Apple Watch Series 2, the Apple Watch NikeLab will also be deeply integrated with the Nike+ Run Club app. It will also possess exclusive Siri commands that cater to runners. Other features include water resistance and a built-in global positioning system. The wearable will be running on watchOS 3. While prices have not been confirmed yet, the 42mm model will likely cost $399 while the price of the 38mm model is likely to be $369.

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