Mercedes Introducing Self-Driving Taxis in California

New self-driving Mercedes vehicles will be introduced into the market in the state of California during 2019. These vehicles will be S-Class sedans and B-class hatchbacks.

The leader of luxury vehicles has determined that shared autonomous vehicles could hurt their business model, as it could cause less human-driven vehicles to be sold in the near future. They have started to develop this idea and hope to take it to completion.

The Mercedes-Benz parent company Daimler has decided to make a new footprint and announced that a self-driving pilot vehicle will be introduced in Silicon Valley next year.

This service will be known as “automated shuttle.” It consists of a fleet of S-Class luxury sedans and B-Class hatchbacks, vehicles that originally were designed to be driven by humans.

The plan is still being finalized and negotiated and the location of where the program will take place has not been revealed yet. Mercedes is guarding details of its plans such as the number of vehicles that will be in the fleet. The plan is to have human drivers on board in order to make sure the system is safe.

This service will be available via an app. This type of taxi service has already been in the planning stages in Germany. Uwe Keller, Daimler´s head of autonomous driving, does not believe that the challenge can be met by just one company.

Because of that, Daimler is partnering with Bosch, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world. Bosch has a sound record and is well-known for its safety systems as well as autonomous systems in high-end cars. Both companies, Bosch and Daimler, are planning to work on the sensors for the vehicles.

To make this work, Daimler is working with Nvida for its sensors. Nvida is the owner the Pegasus Al supercomputer. This computer can reach maximum performance while using minimal power, and is capable of 300 trillion operations per second.

At present, Nvida works with more than 370 automotive companies and knows that Daimler and Bosch are standouts in the industry.

Daimler has become the first international car builder to receive an autonomous driving license in China, and many consider the carmaker to be a leader in not only luxury vehicles, but autonomous vehicles and its license in China will give it a head start on its competition.

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