Harley-Davidson Selling Bikes to Secret Service Despite Feud with Trump

While President Donald Trump is calling for people in the U.S. to boycott Harley-Davidson agents from the U.S. Secret Service who protect the president will keep using the Harley-Davidson.

Earlier this week, the website Federal Business Opportunities posted the plans by the Secret Service to buy a new Harley-Davidson that could then be paired with a sidecar. The site is a place in which federal agencies publish requests and solicitations for proposals from private businesses and government contractors.

In the pitch to purchase a Harley, rather than a different brand, the Secret Service said it mechanics already are familiar with the Harley its spare parts and sidecars that fit their bikes.

Therefore, the agency added that with any other motorcycle there would be a need for additional training for staff.

The feud between Trump and Harley was caused this summer when Harley announced that it was moving the production of certain motorcycles headed to the European Union to a factory outside the U.S. Harley said that announcement came as a response to the EU placing a tariff of 31% on motorcycles that are made in the U.S.

Trump said the motorcycle maker was using tariffs as an excuse to move production outside the U.S. During August the President tweeted that many owners of Harley’s would boycott the company if they moved manufacturing overseas.

Harleys are already being built in countries outside the U.S. and the company has plants in Brazil and India where bikes get assembled for other foreign markets. It is also opening a new plant this year in Thailand, while closing one it has in Kansas City and expanding it York, PA. plant.

However, Harley said its bikes sold inside the U.S. would continue to be made there, which remains a sticking point for the Secret Service and other agencies in the federal government that are often times bound by the buying requirements.

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