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Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Setting Out Three New Non-Mini iPads For 2017

Apple Inc. Setting Out Three New Non-Mini iPads For 2017

According to a report released to investors, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is set and ready for the development of the new iPads which will be released throughout this year. However, despite the Apple mini, 7.9-Inch being last updated in 2015, none of these iPads are mini devices.

Although it has been long since Apple has made any update, or any attempt to launch a new mini-model of their iPads, the company has been focusing on the development and improvement of almost every other product, which they are known to sell.

More details about the iPads being released throughout this year

Throughout the report, details of the three iPads, which the company intends to release throughout 2017 were disclosed. The first of which, is simply an updated product, of the 12.9-Inch iPad Pro. The new design is expected to be roughly 10-inches.

Furthermore, allegedly, there will also be a cheaper variation of the same model, which is slightly smaller than that of the original model, at around 9.7-inch, smaller, but nowhere near classified as a mini-device.

In an official statement, on the report, it was stated, “We note the 12.9” model will be the second generation of the existing 12.9” iPad Pro, the 10-10.5” model will be the high-end model equipped with a narrow Bezel-design, and the 9.7” model will be the low-priced option.”

What can be expected of these iPad models

Besides the size, it is expected that the company will have enhanced the hardware, and software on the devices, for better user interaction and performance. However, in the report, the company did not disclose the anticipated price for the three models.

The same report, also revealed that the company expects a large portion of their total annual shipments, to derive from the sales of the three iPads which they will be launching. According to the report, almost 50 percent of all shipments, are anticipated to be between these three models.


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) Diverges Into A New Tech: Eye-Tracking For Head-Mounted Displays

Microsoft Corporation

The traditional way of eye-tracking is by the help of a partial reflector that bends the camera’s line of sight directly to one’s temple. It can also be done by affixing a camera to the frame of the HMD, which is apparently the most painless way. However, even as painless as it is, it has special requirements; at least part of the view is hampered by the rig itself. Nonetheless, word has it that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is considering the possibility of eye-tracking tech for head-mounted displays (HMDs).

The technology uses “waveguides” to track infrared-lit peepers. It is more of an attempt to mitigate various compatibility issues that come along with prescription eyewear. MSPoweruser seems to be certain about Microsoft’s move given its recent unearthing of a patent filing which is expected to provide a solution. It will be making use of both an input coupler and an output coupler.

The patent summarizes how the infrared beams works

The idea is attractive given that it is of advanced stuff.  However, even though the technology isn’t present in HoloLens as it is known Microsoft is in no doubt that it will excel in the area. Apparently, HoloLens looks and feels like a premium device despite being sensitive to handle. The infrared beams work hand in hand with the curved grating lines of the input coupler to produce an eye-tracking effect.

Nonetheless, there is notable competition in the eye-tracking tech.  SensoMotoric Instruments is likely to bring on board eye-tracking gadgetry in its upcoming demo of products at CES next month.

Himax is believed to be supplying Microsoft HoloLens

According to analysts, Microsoft is focusing on Himax; an augmented reality component supplier to supply some of its important elements of the HoloLens. It is suspected that the company will be shifting production to a new more refined HoloLens for H2 2017.  However,  Himax has had a share of challenges; declined sales in its  LCOS and WLO product lines

Nonetheless, it is still not clear whether or not Microsoft will support other players who are interested in the industry. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s stock closed at $63.24 a decline of $0.31 or 0.49%.


Jana Partners Buys Stake In Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR): Is It A Solution?


Jana Partners Buys Stake In Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) is the current news that is in everyone’s mouth. The Hedge Fund, which is a well-known activist investment firm, has confessed of having acquired a stake in Twitter of about 2.9 million shares. As a result, the microblog website’s shares rose to as much as 2%. The social media platform, which apparently has been struggling with recharge user growth, also received accolades from President-elect Donald Trump while referring to it as a great form of communication.

Given that Twitter has been facing a series of challenges in the recent past, speculations have it that Jana Partners could be pushing for additional reforms or better still, a sale of the company. Apparently, there have been ongoing discussions of a possible acquisition owing to its underperformance, stalling of user growth and leadership exodus. All these have made the company less and less appealing and perhaps the reason why various corporate are racing to acquire it.

Jana Partners Buys Stake InTwitter: Other interested suitors?

Twitter’s situation has been so wanting such that it has turned to cost-cutting measures the likes of widespread layoffs. A month ago, the company announced a 9% cut of its workforce. The revenue was at $616 million, which was 8% up year over year and a representation of the ninth quarter in a row of sales deceleration. The latest hit was the shutdown of its Vine video service, which triggered the notion that the company was in a terrible status.  However, it remains unclear whether if Jana Partners Buys Stake In Twitter will solve a majority of Twitter’s problems.

While at this, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) Google, Walt Disney Co (NYSE:DIS), and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) are some of the companies that had registered their interest in acquiring Twitter. While none of them succeeded, marketing software maker was seen as the most serious suitor but apparently, it dropped the interest. Abuse and harassment were tagged as the reasons that made Salesforce walk away.

How possible is it that Jana Partners will bail out Twitter?

Given that it is behind the restructuring of the likes of McGraw-Hill Publishing and ConAgra Foods, it is likely that it could also offer a solution to Twitter. However, it has more issues with its business and product strategy than structure but nevertheless; there is still hope of a positive outlook.


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Acquires “Dryft” Virtual Keyboard Patent


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has been awarded a patent for a virtual keyboard known as “Dryft,” which was created by a company known as Typesoft Technologies.

Apple has finally received the ownership title of the “Dryft” virtual keyboard, two years after it acquired Typesoft Technologies. The latter is the company that is responsible for developing the “Dryft” virtual keyboard. The keyboard aims to deliver hover typing to tablets so that users can have a natural typing experience that allows them to type as many as 100 words per minute on larger touchscreens. Once the iPhone maker completed the acquisition of Typesoft Technologies, it hired the startup’s co-founder Randy Marsden as the keyboard manager for Apple iOS.

The Apple virtual keyboard patent for “Dryft” is one out of a staggering 63 patents that Apple received from the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Apple has been pursuing this patent since 2014 when it acquired Typesoft. Apple officially acquired the patent in July despite the news being announced on Tuesday. The “Dryft” keyboard is actually a virtual version of a physical keyboard known as Cleankeys which was also developed by Marsden. The biggest advantage of the Cleankeys keyboard was the ease of cleaning it. It thus appealed to clean environment such as healthcare.

Cleankeys was only on the market for four years prior to the creation of Typesoft. The virtual keyboard allows users to type using tablets by simply hovering their fingers above the screen. It is also designed in such a way that a user can type without having to look at the screen. The Keyboard is expected to give users a faster more comfortable typing experience.

“The location of each of the user’s fingers while hovering and/or resting is monitored,” reveals an abstract about the keyboard.

Tablets that will feature the hover keyboard have to be equipped with vibration, hover and touch sensors as well as haptic output. Apple will most likely include the virtual keyboard in its future tablets.

Apple stock closed the latest trading session at 111.06.


Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) (NYSE:TM) Lexus Offers Easy Funding Options


Toyota Motor Corp (ADR) (NYSE:TM) Lexus owners now have the option to get help in terms of financing their vehicles. Essentially, owners of these vehicles will be able to rely on others to efficiently pay off their car lease.

The automaker announced that it would be introducing this financial funding ability, in cohesion with GetAround, which is a car-sharing service offered in San Francisco. Essentially, how this would work, owners would be able to lease their vehicle on GetAround, the money made will then be paid directly to the payment of the car.

Although this may be the first of the kind to emerge from Toyota Lexus, the idea of car-sharing to reduce car debt was first introduced by Tesla Motors Inc. (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk.

The partnership between Toyota Lexus and GetAround

The first thing to note is that this option for the financing of consumer vehicles will only be available from January 2017. However, the introduction of this financial option is derived from the partnership with the automobile giant, and the car-sharing startup.

The original announcement of this partnership was on Monday. However, the specific details of the partnership have not been announced. An example of such a detail is that Toyota revealed that they had made a lump investment into GetAround, as a part of the partnership, however, the amount has not been revealed.

According to the partnership, Toyota will allegedly be introducing “Mobility Service Platform”. This will be introduced on a limited number of Lexus models, which will be available by owners to rent out to GetAround.

Other companies that are involved in similar partnerships

Toyota was not the first company to approach ride-sharing as a means for profitable income. One of the first industry movers, in regards to car-sharing as a profit, was Tesla. For the last few months, Musk has continuously been emphasizing the possibility to make a sizeable revenue stream through deploying their own vehicles on ride-sharing company’s networks.

Further examples of companies that are approaching integrating this service into their revenue stream include General Motors Company (NYSE:GM), who recently partnered with Lyft. Where Lyft is a ride-hailing service, which will make use of General Motors vehicles. This partnership, is vey similar to that of Toyota Lexus and GetAround.

Toyota stock closed at $115.66, witnessing a decline of $0.85 or 0.74%.


Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) Considers iMessage For Android


Word on the street has it that Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is planning to make one of its most important messaging app available on Android. According to reports, the tech giant is working on a new version of iMessage for Android.

 iMessage For Android

According to Daring Fireball’s John Gruber, Apple has been testing the Android version of the messaging app within the company.

“I’ve heard from little birdies that mockups of iMessage for Android have circulated within the company, with varying UI styles ranging from looking like the iOS Messages app to pure Material Design,” said Mr. Gruber.

 While the same might come as a surprise to many, this will not be the first time that Apple has made one of its apps available on Android. Apple Music for Android is one of the apps that signifies the company’s willingness to embrace cross-platform compatibility. Chief Executive Officer, Tim Cook is on record saying that Apple Music for Android is a way of testing user’s receptions before deciding on making other services available on other platforms.

Monetization Drive

Making iMessage available on Android would perfectly align with the company’ push to focus more on services. Given the size of Android, Apple can be able to draw in a good number of users to use the app, which in return will allow it to monetize it in a bid of generating some revenue from it. However, an Android version of the app should evoke some scrutiny from security experts given that the app encryption capabilities are highly dependent on Apple hardware.

iMessage is one of Apple’s most coveted products, a good number of people having switched from other platforms just to have access to the social networking platform. Apple has spent a good amount of time in trying to improve the app’s experience by introducing things like stickers among others. However, the ability of the app to turn a message from a green text bubble to a blue text bubble remains one of the most coveted aspects of the app.

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock was up by $0.60 in Tuesday trading session closing the day at a high of $118.25 a share.